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We believe that our clients success is our success, we believe in professionalisim, we consistently maintain high standards for every single project       Readmore



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City link Automation is a business and ICT Management Firm, with vast experience in technical and project management, City Link Automation offers    Readmore


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we work with you to create attractive offers that visitors can access in exchange for providing their contact informationReadmore

Software & Application

Software & Application

Custom software development has been a main focus of our business strategy for years. Over the years we have developed a wide variety of software for a broad spectrum of businesses, from CRM applications to accounting, to robotics and industrial, to sophisticated financial engineering programs used by global corporations. Some of our software is designed on a stand-alone platform, but more often it involves a user interface to a database, where data can be delivered to a screen, a series of reports, or to a browser. This can be accomplished either using a client-server model on the in-house local area network, or over the internet. Using web services to deliver this processed data, either for public consumption through the company website, or privately through the company Intranet or Extranet is at the forefront of today's technology.

We have expert level facility in the following languages:

•             C and C++

•             Visual Basic (VB)

•             .Net Technology

•             Java and C#

•             FoxPro and dBase

•             SQLServer

•             JavaScript and VBScript

Looking over the many projects we have managed, we can trace our success to the application of these five principles:

1.            Listen carefully and thoroughly understand the whole problem. Then make the plan.

2.            Fashion solutions cleverly so they can be adapted and re-used.

3.            Understand that the software development is here to serve the business.

4.            Don't rush into the newest technology: make sure a solution is well-tested before you risk it on a client.

5.            Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Online advertisement

Online advertisement

Did you know, almost 87% people research online for products or services before making a buying decision? You certainly don't want to ignore this audience who come specifically looking for the product or service that you offer. With effective online advertising, you get a unique combination of cost-effectiveness, scalability, targeted demographic and a rapidly growing potential customer base, along with meticulous tracking capabilities.

Animated ads, FB banner, rich media banner ads, Html ads, flash effects, flash animations and flash ads combine the distinct advantages of print, broadcast and direct mail advertising. A well designed flash banner, FB banner, flash ad, html ads, flash animation is great not only for branding, but also to drive sales.

At PureHost, our creative graphic design team will study and understand your business to create just the right banner ad for you, whether you prefer an html ads, rich media ads, flash ads, FB banner, flash effects or flash animations.

A visually attractive and professionally designed banner ad can help create a positive impression in your customers' minds. Combine it with pleasing animation and rich media; you have a great advertising tool at your disposal. Banner ads of today have animation, video and even e-commerce capabilities.

Flash animations, flash effects, FB banner, flash ad, Rich media advertising must be used prudently to engage with the audience in a non-intrusive manner. Annoying, interfering pop-ups or banners that distract the user from his web experience will do more harm than good. For effective web ads that bring the best results, you need the help of a professional graphic design companies.

At PureHost we believe in creating Html ads, flash ad, FB banner, Html banner, rich media ads that not helps to get your products or services recognized but also leave an indelible impression on your visitors.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control

Access control systems

 City Link Automation can provide consultation, design, installation, training, and ongoing maintenance for a full range of access and perimeter control systems. By closely observing the access points, day-to-day operations and by analyzing the specifics of our client’s facility, our team of access control system specialists can propose a state-of-the-art security system designed particularly for your home, business or organization. The systems we offer include electronic access control, biometrics and facial recognition with remote access and management capability, all designed to be flexible, scalable and capable of integration with on site surveillance systems as well.

City Link Automation offers biometrics and access control combined in systems that will revolutionize the way people use access control in installations of all sizes Our biometric access control systems can integrate face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition, utilizing the latest technology as a standalone system or integrated with existing card readers and other access control systems.

No cards necessary.

Cost effective fingerprint recognition access control systems employ a powerful search algorithm to index fingerprints by their global characteristics, and so can be used without the need for magnetic swipe, proximity card (and the burdensome, recurring costs associated with cards), or pin number entry. Facial recognition access control utilizes unique face biometrics so that a one-to-one match can be made. Once the user has been identified, the system is actively acquiring facial biometrics for matching to that user’s stored face templates.

For higher levels of security, we offer biometric access control systems that employ the two strongest biometrics, fingerprint and iris, to ensure only authorized individuals gain access to protected areas. Systems can also be configured as an “or” system that allows users to authenticate either their iris or their fingerprint, which is choice well suited for applications that need authentication requirements to increase or decrease based on the current terrorist threat level.

The biometrics match in all of these cases is usually made instantaneously, and the user is prompted to enter the facility.

Surveillance Secure is your partner for biometric access control solutions. To discuss the specifics of your project, contact us  today..

Networking And LAN services

Networking And LAN servic [...]

The most desirable objective of any information system is the controlled sharing of information across that system in a way that is transparent to the users. In most cases this requires flawless interoperation of different complex systems to achieve that goal. So, whether the shared information is data, graphic, or messaging, effective connectivity through the system, must begin with an effective well-conceived architecture within the hardware and software platforms. We are well versed in the planning, installation, and administration of those underlying platforms that will support the business system.

Our experience in networking and connectivity includes:

  •     Windows NT 4.0/XP/2000/2003 installation and support
  •     Netware 3.X / 4.X installation and support
  •     Internet connectivity (TCP/IP, router installation, Proxy Server)
  •     MS Exchange Server (single site and multiple site configurations)
  •     MS SQL Server (setup, design, programming)
Website Design & Development

Website Design & Developm [...]

Did you know there are over 43 million internet users in Nigeria, all searching for various products and services including yours?

The Internet has transformed the way we live, the way we work, the way we socialize and meet, and the way we do business. Therefore, in today’s digital age, it is imperative that businesses have a web presence.

Everyday, millions of users search the web for information from their computers and mobile devices.

For example, a user looking to buy a new house might search for “property dealers in Abuja.” Google’s or Yahoo's search engine will then return results for properties dealers in Abuja for that user. If you are a ‘property dealer’ your business could be one of them but, if you are not online, they won’t find you!

 For Internet users to find your business when searching for products or services like yours, you must create a web presence for your business. The best way to do that is to create an interactive website.

Again, your Website represents you and should carry the image of your organisation, so the importance of having an interactive Website cannot be over-emphasized.

PureHost develops High Quality Interactive Websites at Great Prices. We design and power Websites of all shapes and sizes. We have extensive experience in the design of :

  • Corporate Websites or Portals
  • Corporate Intranets and Extranets
  • Online Magazines, newspapers And Publications
  • E-commerce and Online Reservations
  • Government Applications
  • Small Business Websites
  • Non Profit and organisational websites
  • Community based portals
  • School, Church and Mosque Websites
  • Personal and family homepage
CCTV & Video surveillance solutions

CCTV & Video surveillance [...]

City Link Automation  offers all kinds of security services ranging from CCTV sales and installation to intercoms. During video survelliance installation, we provide network video recorders, an internet protocol based device that sits on a network and can be managed remotely via the Internet.

Network video software is installed on a PC and provides video monitoring, recording, and event management functions. Customers can record video continuously, on schedule, on alarm and/or on motion detection.

Having all these choices, it might be very confusing and usually people are not sure what fits their needs. Do not hesitate to ask our surveillance specialists. We will be happy to help you.

For your convenience we can also offer video recorders, monitors, accessories and tools.

Sorry to say, but security cameras, recording devices or computers don’t work by magic. That’s why we do all types of wiring: camera wiring, phone wiring and any other home or business wiring you need.

you can visit our site on

Multimidia Services

Multimidia Services

Since the explosion of the Internet the delivery of information in an electronic form has shifted from discs to web sites. While a website is a remarkably efficient way to distribute texts and images to a broad community, it is less able to cope with large quantities of media rich content like movies and sounds. Nor can it handle complex interactivity.

From small presentation aids to complex interactive displays, PureHost has substantial experience in designing, developing, delivering multimedia solutions and preparing them for distribution.

City Link Automation provides a full range of multimedia design services. Please click on any of the following links to find out more about the multimedia service of your choice.


  1. Live Streaming
  2. Multimedia Presentation
  3. Flash Banner
  4. E-Catalog/Brochure
  5. E-Learning CBT/WBT

We can create this exciting marketing tool to promote your business or organization.

    Make presentations interesting
    Affordable updates
    Combine video, photos and text

Interactive CDs are one of the most dynamic, yet cost-efective marketing tools available today! A CD is typically less expensive than a paper brochure to produce, much less costly to update, and inexpensive to mail.

An interactive CD can be used for marketing, training, or general information dissemination.

If you do not use a lot of video on your project, it can be created using a small business card sized CD. You will get the attention of those who receive the CD.

sms Service

sms Service

City Link Automationis Nigeria's leading Bulk SMS gateway provider offering simple and reliable BulkSMS connectivity to 650 networks in over 210 countries via HTTP, SMPP, XML SMS API. PureHost currently provide bulk SMS services to thousands of businesses across the globe. Our clients range from corporate bodies like banks, churches to government institutions.

City Link also an official Short Code local partner of the world’s leading shortcode providers in Nigeria.

For our customers and partners, we work in our own development, operation and content centres to develop innovative solutions, integrate content and ensure that processes run smoothly 24 hours, 365 days a year.

We aggregate international network operators through one simple interface allowing MO and MT SMS. The following features are incorporated:

- Delivery reports on all stats

- High capacity

- Easy switch routing

- Encrypted key authentication

We have two types of Short Codes in Nigeria. We have the Dedicated and Shared.

1.Shared Short Codes:

Shared short codes are a low-cost and easy setup solution for a all clients. With these short codes, you share a short code number with other customers and keywords is used to differentiate one client from another. Client can purchase as many keywords as they want. Keywords can also be used to reinforce the brand name, as the mobile user would have to type the special keyword in order to interact with the client's brand.

2.Dedicated Short Codes:

Dedicated short codes are for clients who intend to provide a range of different mobile services, expect a high monthly volume of messages or want to offer more complex 2-way services. Messages to the short codes are MO billed i.e. the user is charged once they send a message to the short code. Clients can choose their dedicated number and tariff from a range of our short

Office Equipment

Office Equipment

City Link Office Equipment is a market leader in providing complete office furnishing and business machines that deliver durability and improved workplace performance. City Link is a fourth-generation, family owned company that opened in 2009 and has been recognized nationally as a “Top 50 Dealer” numerous times. Today, City Link is one of the country’s largest contract office furniture dealers with customers in all 36 states in Nigeria as well as several foreign countries and offers a full menu of value-added services. City Link has showrooms in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria.

why choose us

There are lots of choices when it comes to ad agencies, cctv, web applications and web design firms. What makes City Link Automation different? Why choose us? Here are a few of the top reasons we stand above the rest:

Our Listening Skills

We take the time to listen to your needs and understand your business to ensure our design solutions will be effective. We believe listening is the foundation to the design process and the key to a successful partnership.

Our Experience

You’ll have a veteran Creative Director and small team of experienced pros working on your account, not entry-level designers. We have more than 5 years’ experience in ict, cctv, security products and web design.

Our Size

We’re a small ict firm on purpose. Our goals are our clients’ goals. Every business is important to us and we are focused on developing a successful marketing relationship with each one.

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