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Biometric Access Control

Access control systems

City Link Automation can provide consultation, design, installation, training, and ongoing maintenance for a full range of access and perimeter control systems. By closely observing the access points, day-to-day operations and by analyzing the specifics of our client’s facility, our team of access control system specialists can propose a state-of-the-art security system designed particularly for your home, business or organization. The systems we offer include electronic access control, biometrics and facial recognition with remote access and management capability, all designed to be flexible, scalable and capable of integration with on site surveillance systems as well.

City Link Automation offers biometrics and access control combined in systems that will revolutionize the way people use access control in installations of all sizes Our biometric access control systems can integrate face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition, utilizing the latest technology as a standalone system or integrated with existing card readers and other access control systems.

No cards necessary.

Cost effective fingerprint recognition access control systems employ a powerful search algorithm to index fingerprints by their global characteristics, and so can be used without the need for magnetic swipe, proximity card (and the burdensome, recurring costs associated with cards), or pin number entry. Facial recognition access control utilizes unique face biometrics so that a one-to-one match can be made. Once the user has been identified, the system is actively acquiring facial biometrics for matching to that user’s stored face templates.

For higher levels of security, we offer biometric access control systems that employ the two strongest biometrics, fingerprint and iris, to ensure only authorized individuals gain access to protected areas. Systems can also be configured as an “or” system that allows users to authenticate either their iris or their fingerprint, which is choice well suited for applications that need authentication requirements to increase or decrease based on the current terrorist threat level.

The biometrics match in all of these cases is usually made instantaneously, and the user is prompted to enter the facility.

  City Link Automation is your partner for biometric access control solutions. To discuss the specifics of your project, contact us  today..

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