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Human resurce Managmemnt (HRM) Solutions

Human Resource Management System


Providing the Best Workforce Management Solution that Allows Organizations to Automate Processes and Increase Employee Engagement!


The field of human resources is one that is often overlooked in enterprise management. This situation is aided by the fact that an efficient HR department should function without fanfare. However, in reality, the HR department plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of an enterprise – most importantly by tracking and analyzing the timekeeping and work patterns of the employees/workforce, allowing management better information from which to form strategies.


The importance of human resources has not gone unobserved. There are now a wide range of applications available to aid HR departments in their tasks, making possible the automation of certain tasks and aiding in the organization of many others. Nova Terra Technologies delivers a Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS) which organizations need today to attain desired corporate results.




The HRM Solution allows enterprises to automate many aspects of HR management, with the benefits of:

  • Reduction in the workload of the HR department
  • Enhancement in the efficiency of the department by regulating the HR processes
  • Conversion of HR information into a digital format resulting into enterprise wide easy accessibility
  • Enhancement of decision making abilities of the management
  • Above all, allowing the HR department to form an integral part of strategy formation in the enterprise


City Link provides the total core HR functionality with robust reporting capabilities. Its stability, open architecture and results with other capabilities make it a best fit solution for any enterprise.


We work closely with our clients to make sure the solution they select is the true fit for their business now and well into the future. We have the expertise and experience to help you select, configure and implement the solutions you need to optimize your business. Our domain knowledge, technical skill, ability to deploy professionals in a timely and proven cost-effective manner positions us as the leading solution provider for your HRMS automation capability.


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