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Web Design Solutions

A strong website is vital in today’s marketplace. For most consumers, your website is the first visible ‘face’ of your company. And we believe it should be the hub of your marketing.

As designers, we can handle creating your branding, print collateral, website, social media profiles and email templates to craft a seamless look across all marketing channels.

As Inbound Marketers, we can develop a marketing strategy to attract visitors and convert them into leads, nurture them into customers and create raving fans.

Whether a startup or an established company that doesn’t yet have a website—we take time to identify your goals, discuss your likes and dislikes, gather examples of other websites and research your competition.

Website Redesign

Very often, clients come to us with an existing website that needs a fresh, distinctive design, new features and updated content. We love redesigning websites because the impact of the new design is realized immediately and the client has a key marketing tool that will serve them for a long time to come.

We generally recommend a website be redesigned every 2-3 years. The Internet changes at such a rapid pace—not only features and functionality, but also trends and styles come and go.

Here are a couple of items to consider:

  • What impression does your website convey about the quality of your products or services?
  • Does your website have a modern, creative design or does it look out-of-date?
  • Is the information and photos on your website current or has it been months or years since it was last updated?
  • Can visitors easily find your phone number and other contact information?
  • Review the websites of the leading companies in your industry—how does yours compare in terms of looks and features?

Let us evaluate your current website or work with you to create a new one that is a key part of your branding and marketing strategy.


City Link Automation can develop a secure online store for your business that is integrated into your website. We can set up live UPS, FedEx or Nigeriain Postal Service shipping calculation, sales tax, discounts, coupon codes and other features that will support your online sales.

How do I get started?

Contact us today by mail Or give us a call at +2348060085500 today.

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